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tv   ABC2 News Saturday  ABC  August 8, 2009 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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we begin ton with a live look at the baltimore inner harbor. it's the very beautiful picture, many people enjoying the gay. good evening. things are expected to heat up this week. wyatt has your first look at weather. >> absolutely, we had a nice looking day of weather today across baltimore. did not get as hot as we thought originally. but the temperatures going to get a lot hotter here starting tomorrow and certainly into monday. 82 today at bwi. but if you went south into d.c. you found temperatures into the upper 80s and closer to 90 down into virginia. clouds blew in the west early, that obscured the sun. that's part of the reason we didn't get as hot as expected.
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but the humidity is flaring up big-time. and there is a warm front moving in as well. it all adds up to a lotter day on tap for your second half of the weekend. 69 tonight, cloudy, we may get a scattered thundershower or two but i think for the most part we stay dry. but it will be muggy and much hotter weather on the way for our sunday. talk more about that in just a few. the murder rate is up and people wonder, is it safe to leave their homes? some are wondering what can the community do to help? today leaders held a rally calling for an end to the violence. dozens of people lined the streets here at edmonson avenue in west baltimore, they were armed with signs trying to spread a message of peace. people from all walks of life took part in the second annual stop the violence rally. >> already had over 136 homicides already this year. you know? and we intend on doing our part to bring resolution and help to the sight. >> neighbors called for a change after a violent month in
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ballot mormon sunday july 26th, someone opened fire in a picnic on ashland avenue, shooting 12 people, including a 12 woman and a two-year-old child. the following weekend brought even more violence with nine more shootings. some say this must stop. >> stop all the killing in the neighborhood, take back our neighborhoods from the terrible drug epidemic causing these shootings and murders. and we want more men involved in our community because a man's presence is different than a woman's. >> right now baltimore city police say the murder rate is up compared to this time last year, with the past two violent weekends that rate is climbing. organizers of this rally say the community must work with police to bring about a cease- fire and keep struggling communities safe. >> it represents the people in this district who want the world to know they're not stepping back, they're tired of violence and step up with the
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police -- [not understandable] everybody stop the violence. >> those who attended hope their message was heard and brings about change. the stop the violence rally was hosted by baltimore citizens for positive change. we have graphic and disturbing images now, but in the images hope police help will help them catch whoever is responsible this. 8-month-old kitten was found earlier this week, she was badly burned and beaten on garrison avenue. a witness says several kids threw bricks and rocks at the cat and then set it on fire. the kitten was able to put out the flames by rolling around. but the witness says the kids lit her on fire again. the snyder foundation is offering a $1,000 reward for anyone who comes forward with information that leads to the conviction. people who did this. if you have any information, you're urged to call the animal shelter at this number. and just a few blocks away,
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authorities continued to investigate two eardrum cases of animal abuse. one case happened in june when a cat's tortured body was found chained down. someone set fireworks offer on its head. the latest now on a massive water-main break that flooded more than two dozen homes in northeast baltimore. the break has been repaired, and this all happened yesterday when a 16" pipe ruptured around the 2800 block of kirk avenue. one house had water that was to the first floor. the department of public works says old pipes caused the water- main break. an investigation continues tonight into a plane crash in carroll county that killed both people onboard. 61-year-old robert and 66-year- old lettie williams died in the crash. we're told they were friends, the two-seat plane crashed in a cornfield around 7:30 this morning west of the tawny town. authorities are still trying to figure out why the plane went down. the owner of the airpark says his dear friend robert will be missed. >> he's a wonderful man, very
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kind man. and myself and my family will miss him dearly. we just told our sons that he passed and they started crying on the phone. >> the victim's bodies are in baltimore for autopsies. the preliminary investigation shows the men took off from the airpark just minutes before that crash. authorities are not sure sure where they were headed. a sightseeing helicopter carrying five italian tourists and a small plane collided above the hudson river today. authorities say all nine people aboard the two aircrafts were killed. the national transportation safety board sent a team to investigate the collision. abc's reporter reports from the waterfront. >> reporter: people strolling along the hudson river on a saturday afternoon were witnesses to the deadly collision. >> i did see the three pieces falling to the water. >> i heard a sound and turned and then saw helicopter, white helicopter, just fall out of
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sky. >> emergency crews in new york city mayor bloomberg rushed to the scene. >> there was an accident which we do not believe was survivable between an airplane and a helicopter. >> altogether, nine people were aboard the two aircraft. >> the airplane we think took off from -- and had onboard a pilot and two passengers, one a child and on the helicopter there were five italian tourists and a pilot. >> the helicopter had just taken off from this heliport on the west side of manhattan. a clear and sunny day, everybody and for a sightseeing trip over new york city. apparently, the two pilots never communicated with each other. >> there's no requirement they communicate at all. and it's not positively controlled airspace. >> just seven months ago the same stretch of the hudson was the spectacular scene of a rescue effort. the plane made a safe emergency landing in the water. all 155 people onboard that
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plane were pulled to safety this. time, a much different ending, emergency crews are still on the water, police divers in the murky hudson trying to recover wreckage and bodies after what the mayor here called a great tragedy. today a historic first in washington, d.c., as sonia sotomayor was sworn in as the nation's first hispanic supreme court justice. john cochran has the story. >> reporter: with those words, sonia sotomayor took the oath to become the first hispanic and just the third woman to serve as a united states supreme court justice. chief justin roberts administered the oath at the u.s. supreme court building in front of a gathering of her family, friends and various officials. >> congratulations, and welcome to the court [applause] >> the 55-year-old who grew up in a new york public housing project and later graduated from yale law school had served
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as a federal judge since being appointed by the first president bush in 1992. >> the yays are 68 and the naya are 31. the nomination of sonia sotomayor of new york to be an associate justice of supreme court of the united states is confirmed. >> she was confirmed after nearly a week of testimony last month before the senate judiciary committee. there she faced tough questions from republicans about her ability to be an impartial judge. but sotomayor assured them she always follows the letter of the law. >> many senators have asked me about my judicial philosophy. simple -- fidelity to the law. >> her appointment has been a great source of pride for many hispanic americans who view her as a role model for young people. one group of young new yorkers who were mentored by her got together saturday morning to watch the swearing in. next month her fellow justices on the high court will welcome her on a formal ceremony. then they'll all go to work in
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a special session to hear an important case involving campaign finance law. john cochran, abc news, washington. still more ahead on abc 2 news at 6:30. a robber plans backfires when the car turns against him. passion and fire burns behind the voices of people who want to know what is next for health care and sarah palin is one of them. coming up for strong words for the president. >> and a humidity came in big- time today. the clouds did too. held our temperatures down so we don't have a two degree weather winner but we have the heat on the way. we'll talk about that. get ready to crank up the air- conditioners! the hot temps are straight ahead. ♪
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news around the nation starts in michigan, take a look at this. a suspected thief gets dragged by his own car after leading police on a chase. the man tries ditch the car but somehow gets caught. it's a tough price to pay for a man police say tried to steal a purse. the suspected crook end up with a broken leg and a long list every charges instead. tonight eunice kennedy shriver, sister of john f. kennedy, remains in critical condition at a massachusetts hospital. the 88-year-old had a series of strokes. her family and friends remain at her side. shriver is the founder and honorary chairwoman. special olympics. now a look overseas, a typhoon tore through taiwan this morning, killing at least two people. the typhoon is causing serious flooding, mudslides and damaging high winds. about 20,000 people have been evacuated from coastal areas.
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wyatt has a look at the weather. at least we have sunny skies. don't have to deal with anything like that. my goodness! >> very rough weather going on there in the pacific. but back here, we got a break today because the clouds had a little, kept the temperatures down even though you felt the mugness. tough on the hair. >> it's tough! it is i thought it was just me. but okay. >> i don't have that much. but i hear it all the time. let's look at had we're seeing outside right now. 80 degrees, humidity 54%. relative humidity but it does feel noticeably stickier after two days of just gorgeous weather. southeast breeze around 7 miles per hour. clouds held temps down. look for damascus as go back there to damascus and look at this in motion, you see the clouds drifting across the sky. couple sunny breaks at times, but just not enough sun to really get the temps up.
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we got closer to 90 towards washington, d.c. today. and i got to show you this, look at the beach. you talk about packed. look at those umbrellas on the water's edge. lot of people trying to beat the heat today. nice day to be down towards the coast. bay forecast closer to home, tomorrow on the chesapeake g good four. high tide at 9:16 a.m. south winds will be there, 10:15, few gusts to 20 in the afternoon so about two feet of chop towards sandy point and open waters of the chest being. low temperatures this morning down in the mid to upper 60s. not as cool as the last couple nights. could have left the windows open but probably wouldn't be as comfortable for you. tonight, it gets muggier over the next several nights so probably more air-conditioning type of weather and we are still at 80 now at bwi. down the ocean about 83 degrees right now. couple storms down here in the tidewater of virginia, not much
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here in the immediate baltimore area but there's a warm front sliding in out of south it. will help take the temperatures up. may bring the rumble of thunder overnight, a widely scattered thunderstorm or two, not expecting much rain overnight tonight but you see what held the temps down today, all that cloud cover drifting in and out of the west. it wasn't particularly thick. we did get breaks of sunshine but if we had more sun today, temperatures would have come up with the south wind. we would have been pushing closer to 90 degrees. but just couldn't quite get there today. here's the bigger weather pattern. lot of heavy weather moving through southern michigan into pennsylvania this afternoon. but this weather maker basically moving north of us, we're not going to see much from it. and just to the south of that system again that southerly wind beginning to kick in this ernest especially into the day tomorrow. forecast in detail here -- we'll stay dry, really no pick up anything in terms of rain tonight other than again an isolated thundershower. tomorrow we'll see more sunshine in the afternoon than today. that will mean hotter temperatures up to the low 90s
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just past 90 degrees. hotter still on monday. we'll bake in clear skies, before this system comes in. this is late monday night, overnight monday into tuesday morning, and it are drop our mini heat wave, drop the temperatures back down. but two hot days tomorrow and especially into the day on monday. overnight tonight, 69, cloudy, watch for that widely scattered storm tomorrow. clouds early, then more sunshine in the afternoon. and getting hotter. window with 93 or so downtown. maybe a little cooler in the outlying suburbs. day forecast here for you, you see monday, 97 degrees. it is going to be one hot day in the city. be ready for that. cooling off towards wednesday. health care reform has stirred heated debate, lawmakers home on congressional recess are giving constituents a chance to have their say at town hall meetings. we are in colorado with the story. >> reporter: some like this colorado event are informal.
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>> i don't want some government bureaucrat telling me what kind of care i'm going to receive down the road. >> all are supposed to be informative. a place where lawmakers can exchange information and ideas. >> i'm going to be listening to my constituents. >> they were held on health care this have not been upset but all passionate. >> most of this is legitimate. some expressed eloquently, some very vocally. >> heated rhetoric is not a phenomenon. former alaska governor sarah palin called the obama plan evil, and said it would lead to boards of bureaucrats deciding life and death. >> reports out of washington say the drug industry will lobby capitol hill to the tune every $150 million in support of the healthcare overhaul. president obama linked his proposals with getting the economy back on track. >> we must lay a new foundation for future growth and prosperity. and a key pillar of a new foundation is health insurance reform. reform that we're now closer to
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achieving than ever before. >> even if you do your homework, what is being proposed may still not be clear. >> i read five hundred pages and even after reading it, i'm not clear on what they're trying to say. >> so far the meetings, press conferences and debates have done little to sway minds or alleviate confusion. but that doesn't mean the effort will stop any time soon. you can call it money management 101, a crash course for your college bound children coming up the things your kids need to know both for they start hitting the books.
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games on wall street are just another sign the economy is slowly getting back on track
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but one of biggest indicators is unemployment. while the nation is still shedding jobs, the trend is clearly slowing down. here's how lost jobs stacked up so far. month by month since january, the u.s. labor department says we started the year by dropping nearly 750,000 jobs as each month passed the rate of job loss slows down. in july nearly 250,000 jobs were lost, and that's better than many experts actually predicted. many people have felt the pinch of tough economic times. if you're a parent with a student headed off to college this fall, you know what i'm talking about. all the more reason as terry owens tells to us teach your children lessons about money management before they set foot on campus. >> reporter: emily knows firsthand how much fun college can be. and how tempting it is to forget finances. >> in college because there's that sense of freedom, kids can overspend. >> but she knew from the start her parents couldn't pay for everything, so she found a job.
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>> when things got tight hi to pick up another job outside that. >> then she set up a budget and followed it. this planner he is she learned a valuable life lesson early. >> the budget for a student is the holy grail that they must live by day in and day out. and if they don't, and they blow the budget, and miss two or three days of meals, they'll probably take that lesson to heart. >> it doesn't have to get that desperate if parents have the money conversation with the kids before college starts. >> make sure the child understand that the bank of mom and dad will be shutting down over the next few years and they're going to have the responsibility of handling their own finances. >> teach them how to make a budget. then go shopping together, so they learn about smart buying. and encourage them to avoid credit cards, so they don't use what they don't have. if the plan is for the pair don't chip in for things like spending money or apartment rent, consider sending monthly
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checks instead of a lump sum to cover an entire semester. >> that way if there are any problems or issues, can identify them early on and work to correct them. >> emily's advice to recent high school graduates about to hit the college campus? >> you're not spending more than you can afford, yet you have to know how much you can afford. if parents start early with their children and set good examples on how to budget, spend and isiah, the child is likely to learn and make good decisions with money. we're taking a live look at the inner harbor. what a beautiful day! sun is setting here. we still have more to come. stay with us! ♪
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and finally tonight, a big win for the putty hill panthers. here they are getting in a little practice. they beat a team from spokane, washington this morning. the competition is down to the final four teams and the panthers are one of six u.s. teams to compete in the world series for club level teams! wow! >> good for them! >> what an arm! he sailed that baby in! >> wishing them well! >> gorgeous weather outside
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today. sweating more tomorrow afternoon and monday. you may want to exercise inside or something. 69 tonight. cloudy skies, it's going to be muggy and watch for just a renegade storm or two overnight. not looking for much in the way of wet weather. we are looking for hotter weather, 93 or so late tomorrow afternoon. and pushing up closer to triple digits on monday, probably the hottest day of the summer that we may even have, comes monday. so be ready for that. you can't get out of august without a scorcher or two. >> i love to get out and jog and run, but weather like this it's so muggy and humid, it's like you come back and you're just pouring like somebody poured water all over. exactly. doesn't evaporate. >> not good for running in. that's all for us at:ty. thank you for joining. see you back here tonight for abc 2 news the latest at 11. have i a great evening! carol!
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